Qualification Items: Check the listing below and if you can answer "yes" to most the following questions, click "Click here to Apply" for a short application. Don't worry, personal information such as Social Security Number, Birth Date and Address are not required at this point. **If you have 3 weeks or less before you have to move, we probably will not be able to help you get into a home. 

  • Do you have regular income, with pay stubs and taxes deducted?
  • If Self Employed, is your adjusted gross income for the last 2 years sufficient for your needs? 
  • Are you free from Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for at least 18 months? Chapter 13 for 12 Months? 
  • Have you filed your tax returns for the last two years? 
  • Have you been mostly "on time" (no more than 30 days late) on your current loans (cars, credit cards, etc)?
  • Do you have 3-4 weeks or more before you have to be out of your current residence? 

If you can answer "yes" to most of the above questions, we would like to hear from you if owning a home is something you have decided is for you.